Logs about all the projects here and how it went in the blog.

  1. Silly Movie Suggestor 🎬
  2. This is a silly app which suggests you movies based on a random word or a word which you input. This was my first launch at Producthunt.

  3. Designtack 🎨
  4. This online tool can create you unique social media content and that too in bulk. You just have to create one design and it automatically creates more designs based from it.
    Launched on ProductHunt & you can read about my experience in this blog post.

  5. Psych 🧠
  6. Psych is a bi-weekly newsletter where I share with you amusing psychological insights which can prove to be beneficial in your personal as well as professional life.
    This is more like a passion project and I discuss about it here, in this post.

  7. LearningInTech👨‍💻
  8. This resource will help you learn new technologies by providing free and high quality tutorials. You can also join the Discord Community to meet and chill with other learners!

  9. Sheet-to-JSON 📒
  10. Sheet-to-JSON is a simple tool which converts .xls or .xlsx files to JSON format.
    It's a progressive web app. I made this because I was solving an issue with LearningInTech. You can see this tweet.

  11. LearningInTech Kit
  12. LearningInTech Kit is a compiled list of resources about 12+ upcoming technologies!
    Informational Product, Loaded with 100+ Resources, Hand-picked & curated.
    You can see this thread for more information.

  13. TheLesson.Club 🦉
  14. Thelesson.club is an attempt to build a (small) community of curious people
    who would like to learn new things every month & expand their knowledge in different subjects.

  15. The Psych Handbook 📗
  16. The Psych Handbook is a collection of 100+ psychological biases and insights which has been covered over the period of 1+ year of writing the newsletter called Psych.

  17. Learn Psychology Co 📚
  18. The purpose of this document is to provide you with a lot of resources to get an introduction to psychology. You can find links to different perspectives, ideas, people, areas in psychology.

  19. Analytics for Substack newsletter 📈
  20. Get personalised actionable insights you need to grow your Substack newsletter from your newsletter's data. Uses AI and some fancy stuff to find out cool insights.

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