Year in Review

28 December, 2020 - 3 min read

This year was an important year. For me, you, a lot of people who were just continuing on with our lives, doing the same usual activities. Lockdown led us to halt what we were doing and gave us a lot of time.

Not only the time to spend with family and have some of the most cherishable moments with them but also the time to reflect, time to ponder on what was happening outside and what was happening inside which is in our lives.

For me, It was the time for self-awareness.

I found a quite place and sat down. Closed my eyes and started to think what I was actually doing with my life. If the course I was heading to was correct or not.

Couple of hours later, I had some of the best realisations which has led me to take actions which has brought me here to this position, writing this.

I found out what I really wanted to do and changed every note, every goal I had thought of before. 7 months later, here I am with lots of code shipped, lots of marketing accomplished, lots of documents made, goals re-assessed.

I am not sure if "this was the moment" for me but I am now certainly aware of what should be my priorities.

After that happened, I started doing a bunch of things. I joined communities of like-minded people, stepped out of my comfort zone to "sell" what I built, talked to a lot of people & become friends with some of them.

Following is the quick rundown of projects which I shipped this year and some brief information about them --

  1. Thevediwho.me

This blog is more like a journal and the first step towards this new journey of becoming independent. I made it with the goal of documenting and committing to things which I will work on.

  1. Designtack

My first product which was the result of scratching my own itch as well as a worthy conclusion of 4 years of tireless efforts made to build an agency which didn't work out.

  1. Psych

What started out of curiosity led me to learn and achieve Certification with Honors in Psychology and also made me write an bi-weekly informational newsletter which teaches people Psychology.

  1. LearningIn.Tech

What I wish existed before when I was wandering on the internet, looking for the right resources to start learning new things and satisfy my hunger for knowledge.

Even though I shipped more projects but these are the prominent ones as these matter to me the most. I learned a lot from building, launching, marketing all these combined than by anything else.

To summarise, some key lessons I learned so far -

  • Life is unpredictable. Don't underestimate & overestimate it.
  • What you stick to today is not what you will stick to tomorrow.
  • Never give up hope until you have ideas. You decide when its a failure.
  • Stay honest to yourself. Self-awareness is soo important!
  • Things will not always go according to the plan.

For the next year, I have a lot of things planned and I don't expect them to go according to the plan but I certainly would like to stay committed to achieve them.

Lastly, I am very thankful to a lot of people I met along the journey who have taught me some of the most valuable lessons. Thank you for the endless support.


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