A little Rant

17 April, 2021 - 4 min read

This year started off on different grounds as compared to last one. It started by shattering all my expectations which I had regarding various areas of life.

While I can start by giving you all the updates regarding how my projects have been performing, I believe there are a couple more things we can talk about around it.

In the month of January, I was in a hurry. A hurry to launch something because I wanted to. I forced myself to come up with a possibly shitty idea and make it into an informational product based on an already failed product which wasn't that helpful. That's where my mind chose the wrong road. Now, I don't completely think of it as a failed product, it just isn't profitable in those regards.

Anyhow, I still made that informational product and launched it out there. To my surprise, I did receive the support for it & I am grateful for those who helped me in supporting, however the truth is that there were no sales. It made me $2, that too after I made it pay what you want. Now that i think of it, I just built it for the sake of the "challenge" & to be honest, I am not the only one to blame for it. I was inspired by all the "success stories" of people building informational products on top of this famous creator's platform. Guess it doesn't work for every one of us.

When it was February, I circled back to what seems to be going well & that was my newsletter on psychology. You know what's interesting? I never had the intention to make money out of it. It started as a newsletter to teach you psychology because I had hopped onto the substack hype-train. So, in the moment to ship something for the month, I made a landing page for it. It still doesn't make me any money though.

March is when shit started getting real. I never felt my mind fucked because I found myself short on coming up with "good" ideas! I wanted to work on a project but I just couldn't come up with one. Numerous days & nights went into procrastinating, thinking, figuring out to get the RIGHT idea. Most of the time, I found myself stuck in analysis paralysis.

You know that's the thing with us makers. You have a good idea and you are really excited to work on it. You do some research & find competition existing already. Little demotivating but it's fine, you can make a slightly different version of it. Mid way, you realize this idea might not make you money or you don't know who the target audience is (because everyone is not a customer) or this project is too big in complexity or yada yada and what not. This cycle messes our mind!

Something along those lines happened with me until I discussed it with a friend over twitter which helped me immensely to define a correct path. I developed this new philosophy around building products which seem to make me the most sense. I might write about it if its succeeds. Almost at the end of the month, I went with the idea of The Lesson Club.


My goal was to make $1000 in Q1 and I ended up with $22. At least it is something.

I am still wondering about Designtack & LIT in terms of what has to be done with them because they are practically dead projects. However, I would still keep them alive for what its worth.

Also, I am having this urge to take a break from everything for (much needed?) mental peace. Before that, I want to write about my one year journey of going indie and building projects which will be next month.

Hope you are having a better start this year, reader.

That would be all from my side for now.

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