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30 October, 2020 - 3 min read

The month of September was like a breeze. Before I could figure out what the direction of wind was, it went away. Maybe it is one of the reason why I didn't publish anything on this blog. One thing I realized was that i had a lot of those days where i felt like doing nothing because my mind was telling me that i don't have anything to be accountable for.

I believe that's the hard part of this journey. In one thought, you will tell yourself that all this is something of least importance. In other thought, you will realize that you actually have a lot of projects which needs caring. Lot of things need to be taken care of.

In terms of projects, I have been progressing. slowly. After I pushed the update of "Templates" in Designtack, I really think that it made the Content Marketing, a whole lot easier. We also got a couple of lifetime customers from the AppSumo deal. (Which also means that the MRR is still zero.)

I have started to get my hands onto Hubspot tool for sales. it took me a while but it certainly is a great tool for beginners to manage everything when doing cold calling and emailing. Only thing which annoys me the most is lead scraping.

Let's talk about the newsletter, Psych. I have been writing it for a while now. We have almost close to 200+ subscribers. I am not monetizing any aspect of it. There is a Buymeacoffee button which only get clicks and not coffees. But that's okay. I did a survey where I asked the subscribers the following question:-

Has Biases and Psychological Insights from Psych benefitted you?

The results were as following from 20 people who participated:-

Yes - 35% Somewhat - 35% No - 30%

This makes me feel good. Someone from my newsletter is learning psychology and benefitting from it. I know that's not going to pay my bills but I have a something big in mind which I will start working on from next year.

Another new project that I have had deployed is Learningin.tech which is a resource to learn new technologies. I believe it can prove to be beneficial for a lot of learners in tech. world who are fascinated by new technologies but are not sure where to begin from.

This project is also not monetised but I don't feel like making it too. I am going to make it fully open-source and make it easier for everyone to learn from it, contribute to it. It can be a good starter for #codenewbies to start contributing in open source!

(However, If you have a good suggestion, let me know on Twitter. DMs are open.)

Lastly, I just finished learning Docker because apparently, a lot of jobs require you to have a knowledge of not only git but also docker and kubernetes. I will also be refreshing my ReactJS knowledge. I still haven't found the kind of job I am looking for. Hiring for Remote, Frontend or Fullstack? I would love to know more about it. 🙂

That's it for this month update. Most probably I will write a post covering the year in review, next month.

Until then!


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