Progress Report of Efforts

30 September, 2020 - 3 min read

Almost a month ago, My brain was brainstorming about only one thing. Thinking and processing thoughts around only one thing. Messing about the one thing. My SaaS product.

Should I just wrap it all up and call it quits? I have tried for 5 years and nothing solid has happened. Maybe I have reached the peak already for Designtack?! My idea is worthless, why would someone even need a tool to create content in bulk? I am definitely overthinking. Am I? Not in this case. It's time I should stop this for once and all.

... and much more. We know how overthinking is like. How it boggles with our mind.

But from all of this, there was one particular question whose answer I was looking for. As an independent makers, Maybe you can too resonate with this particular question.

How do you know if your project is a failure?

For 5 years, I put everything into building Designtack to make it a dream agency. I was so dedicated that I even got 500+ visiting cards printed. Why not? I would've needed them for networking purposes.

It didn't work out. I failed to build a team, failed to build relationships among clients to retain them, failed to achieve that "dream agency" goal.

But did Designtack fail? I don't know.

On 17th, The domain was set to expire for Designtack. I had no money to renew it and nor was the intention.

But out of nowhere, "the thing" made me rethink everything. I talked to some people, I read about the concept of Slow Saas Ramp of Death.

I realised maybe I am judging it too early. This is a new journey of Designtack and it should be given some time. So, I throwed everything away from my mind and took the leap of faith.

I renewed the domain and saved my first Saas from supposed death.

I made new plans, revamped UI, made notes, made todo for notes, wrote ideas. This all was happening because of "the thing".

So, I am very happy to tell you guys that Designtack is alive and kicking it. I am giving my efforts to it with the new found, "the thing" for it.

We almost have,

  • 69+ users registered (Last was 50).
  • Almost 6,414+ views (Last was 4k).
  • Content created 199+ times. (Last was 160)

Going rough but it's fine. I have a question, Do you think you can succeed if you continue working on it?

On the other hand, I also have a Newsletter called Psych 🧠. With that, I recently crossed 100+ subscribers on it. Now, I will be diving deeper into it as well.

Also, I was supposed to launch another project by the time I am writing this but Exams of University came up and I had to reschedule it. Not to be worried, I have it coming out very soon. Another product? Community? I will reveal it soon.

That's the progress so far. Let's brace ourselves for another month, another set of goals that we have to reach.

And yes, "The thing" I was talking about, it's called Hope. As a solopreneur, that's the only thing that keeps up going.

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